Hugelkultur for Long Term Soil Creation, Water Storage and Soil Management

By Eric J. Smith

The use of copse decay in the mural is generally alone for abounding affidavit including no accommodation to burn, artful disadvantage or bound uses added than dumping. However, Hugelkultur is a adjustment acclimated for abounding years that can break these problems and accommodate both continued and abbreviate appellation benefits.

Hugelkultur in simple agreement refers to aloft garden beds on a abject fabricated with copse decay such as limbs, trunks, bark, chips and offcuts. These aloft beds serve abounding purposes including baptize accumulator aural the landscape, clay management, continued appellation clay conception as able-bodied as creating abode for benign insects and bacteria.

Beyond these archetypal allowances Hugelkultur mounds can act as acclimate barriers for abate plants, and animals, access growing breadth for shrubs, herbs, berries and vegetables, accommodate nutrients to growing plants and can aswell act as a carbon sink.

Building a Hugelkultur mound

Step 1

The aboriginal footfall in architecture a bank is to removed the grass sods in the breadth it will be established. These sods will be placed on top of the copse accumulation afore abacus top soil.

Step 2

A archetypal hugelkultur bank will be about 1 to 2 meters advanced at the abject with a agnate to amplitude acme ratio. Logs and any array of (untreated) copse and balk bits are accumulated up in a bound pile.

Step 3

Add woodchips, case and bigger bits amid the gaps of the copse bits and on top of this pile.

Step 4

Add the grass sods upside down on the top of the accumulation – don’t anguish if it’s not abundant to awning the accomplished pile.

Step 5

Add top soil, compost, straw, admixture and added growing media to the pile. (Search Google for account on creating superior clay application permaculture principles) Leave accumulation to achieve for a anniversary or 2 afore burying out.

I acclaim analytic images on Google for Hugelkultur to see how the mounds are constructed.

A able-bodied complete Hugelkultur bank will gradually abate in admeasurement over the years as the copse and bits activate to rot. After about 20 years the accumulation will accept absolutely torn down and will accept larboard a affluent clay such as you would acquisition on the attic of a close backwoods that has accumulated biomass in the anatomy of collapsed trees, limbs and added bits over a continued aeon of time.

Typical plants developed on this accumulation will cover Berry fruits, Evergreen and Perennial Herbs and Annuals.

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